6 Best Unskilled jobs in USA with visa sponsorship

Unskilled jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship:


Though most of the visa-sponsored jobs in the USA are offered to skilled professionals, the good news is that there are other options available for those looking for unskilled jobs in USA with visa sponsorship. These jobs are available in sections that experience a shortage of workers, which forces the investor to invest in sponsorship facilities to attract workers.

Unskilled jobs in USA with visa sponsorship

What makes USA a good choice for unskilled workers?

Because of an ageing population and limited opportunities for training skilled workers, the demand for unskilled workers in the USA is higher than in other countries. The USA offers a competitive advantage of high wages and regular pay-checks for unskilled workers than other developed countries, however, this pay is not enough to enjoy luxuries until you get experience.

Many professions in the USA even offer on-the-job training so that they can advance their career with the company. With experience, these workers get access to healthcare programs as well as paid time off. Besides everything, living and working in the USA is no less than a rewarding experience as workers interact with different people.

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Unskilled Professions:

Following are some unskilled jobs in the USA which are in demand

Agriculture Sector:

Among other unskilled jobs in USA with visa sponsorship, agriculture sector has high number of jobs, follows the construction sector. The United States’ economy greatly benefits from the agriculture sector. Various states and agriculture investors have implemented visa sponsorship programs in recent times to address the labour shortage and take advantage of seasonal employment opportunities. Landscapers, greenhouse or nursery workers, and farmhouse employees can all find employment in this industry.

Unskilled jobs in USA with visa sponsorship
Although prior experience or an educational background is typically not necessary, fluency in the English language is expected. The agriculture industry permits foreign nationals to immigrate to the US and pursue employment in agriculture through the H-2A Temporary Agriculture program. For this visa to be granted, the employer must prove:

  • US citizens are not enough in number or are not so qualified for the job.
  • Temporary labour certification from the Labor Department.
  • The job they are offering to foreigners is temporary.
  • This visa allows them to stay and work in the USA agriculture sector for 1 to a maximum of 3 years.


Following are some challenges in the USA agriculture sector.

  1. This sector is physically demanding.
  2. Pay in the agriculture sector is not enough.
  3. The visa process (H-2A) can be time-consuming sometimes.

Hospitality Industry:

The hospitality industry in the USA is very vibrant. While the industry offers jobs across the USA, demand is high in less populated areas such as Iowa. From housekeeping to kitchen staff and concierge, jobs have been created in locations that are attractive to foreigners. Tourism companies and event organizers are offering jobs in this sector with visa sponsorship.

Hospitality jobs are dynamic, providing an ever-changing and challenging environment to work in. But these jobs are resilient and have a wide range of positions, which gives any employee job security. Hospitality workers have a variety of sponsored visa options, including a 0-1 visa (including chefs) and an L-1 visa for hotel management, but the most preferred option is the H-1B visa, which is granted to speciality occupation workers such as cooks and managers, etc. This visa requires education equivalent to a bachelor’s in the USA.


Here are some challenges in hospitality industry of USA:

  1. Adjusting to ever-changing employment laws is a serious challenge.
  2. The hospitality sector faces fluctuations in demand throughout the year.
  3. The hospitality sector often requires weekends as well as long hours of work.

Truck Driving:

Being the backbone of the US logistic industry, truck drivers have significantly decreased due to retirements, which is affecting the movement of goods across the country. To meet consumer demand, many employers are facilitating visa sponsorship so they can attract as many drivers as possible. A study has revealed that many locals refrain from truck driving due to long hours, irregular schedules, and personal health risks, which clearly shows why there is a demand in this sector.

Truck drivers require H-2B visa, and employers can offer temporary positions to drivers, for which drivers have to prove their command of driving.


Some challenges in truck driving jobs are:

  1. Long hours lead to restlessness and adjusting time to deliver goods on time.
  2. Adjusting to changes in policies, such as driving rules, can affect working conditions.
  3. Though it does not require high qualifications, entrance into the field is tough, as the candidate has to go through a series of tests.

Building Cleaners:

COVID-19 has heightened the need for thorough cleaning of offices, public spaces, and residential areas. The pandemic has increased cleanliness, creating a demand for cleaners. Cleaner jobs are classified as unskilled jobs, and they do not require formal qualifications. This demand has opened doors for those workers who want to pursue their jobs in the USA. These workers do not get many opportunities in their home country, and for better wages and a better future, they consider the USA. These cleaners, however, must be aware of basic English communication, which makes it easier for recruiters to train them.


Building cleaner jobs in the USA comes with its problems, and some of them are:

  1. Wages are good, but not enough to support a life in metropolitan cities.
  2. Cleaner jobs are classified as unskilled jobs, but visa sponsorship is not available throughout the year. If a local meets the demands of employers, then they are preferred.
  3. For regional and smaller cleaning companies, finding an employer who sponsors you adds an extra hurdle.
  4. Employers have to give reasons why they were not able to find a local cleaner and prove that the cleaner they are sponsoring meets these requirements.

 Warehouse and Logistics:

The warehouse and logistics sector ensures the distribution of goods across the country. Recently, the supply chain has been disturbed due to a shortage of labour, creating room for employment. This sector covers a broader spectrum, such as packaging specialists, forklift operators, and many more. The intensive labour nature of these jobs makes it difficult for companies looking for workers, shifting the search towards foreigners.

Unskilled jobs in USA with visa sponsorship
Different companies offer visa sponsorship for foreigners. These workers can expect to earn between $14 and $22 per hour, depending on the company. H-2B, which is a non-agricultural seasonal visa, is the best option to consider for these jobs.


Some challenges are:

  1. Night shifts and long working hours may impact sleep schedules.
  2. There is no fixed demand and supply. Demand can increase in some months and decrease in others, which can impact salaries.
  3. Quality control can be affected due to hundreds of orders coming in and out.

Construction Sector:

Construction sector has second highest demand among unskilled jobs in USA with visa sponsorship. Construction sector is among those that ensure opportunities for foreign workers who want to seek stable employment with visa sponsorship in the USA. The construction industry has the most unskilled vacancies, such as roofers or labourers, which do not require much previous experience. A reason for the shortage of workers in the construction sector is the change of interest among youth in universities, where students are not developing an interest in the construction sector.

The construction sector requires the same E-B2 visa, and the applicant must have a job before arriving in the US. This visa allows employers to hire workers for non-agricultural jobs. Construction jobs have high chances of career advancement due to a variety of job opportunities where workers can change niches at any time.


Most of the construction companies in the US work on invoicing systems, with delays in the flow of cash.

What is required?

The following are some requirements that must be met for unskilled jobs in USA with visa sponsorship:

  • Candidate must be over 18.
  • There is no specific educational requirement, but students must be able to perform basic math and speak English.
  • The candidate must be a reliable employee, which means that the candidate should have a clean record.
  • Physical fitness is a mandatory requirement as most unskilled jobs are physically demanding.
  • Candidate may have to obtain a safety certificate, such as an OSHA certificate in case of construction works.

What are salary expectations for Unskilled jobs in USA with visa sponsorship?

Unskilled workers can expect to earn $17 per hour on average. Salary expectations depend upon the type of job, such as more physically demanding tasks have higher wages like construction workers earn more than cleaners. Salary also depends upon the area where you are working such as rural areas will give less salary than bigger cities such as New York. Unskilled workers, with a bit of experience can expect to earn more than inexperienced and unskilled workers. On an account of 40 hours per week on average, workers can expect to earn between $22,000 to $35,000 per year.

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Visa Sponsorship Program:

The E-B3 visa, also known as the third preference employment-based visa, is an initiative by the US government which allows both skilled and unskilled workers to come and contribute their part. According to an estimate, around 35,000 to 40,000 E_B3 visas are available every year.


Some requirements for E-B3 visas are as;

  1. Candidate must have at least less than 2 years of experience in their field which should not be seasonal.
  2. Candidate must not have any such point which could disqualify him from the race of obtaining this visa.
  3. Candidate must have a full-time job offer from a US employer.
  4. Department of Labor (DOL) certification of employer is mandatory
  5. The employer needs to provide a reason for choosing you over a local US candidate and how you fit for the role.


An E-B3 visa holder can bring their children and partner to the US (Children must be under 20 years of age).

E-B3 visa allows you to apply for a Green Card if you fulfil conditions, such as working for a certain period. Your spouse can also work in the US under the Employment Authorisation Document (EAD).

How to find a job?

First of all, make sure that you are still eligible for the visa you have or not. If your visa is valid then you can start by contacting agencies. Highlight your positives, and motivate them on how you can add value to them through your work. You should learn English because it will help you a great deal and give you a competitive advantage over other unskilled foreigners.

Try to network with professionals in your field because they can give you insights and which is the best place for your work. Contact local businesses where unskilled workers are always in demand. Don’t forget to consult an immigration attorney as they will tell you about the legal and proper procedures for finding an unskilled job.

You can search online. Popular sources include Indeed, Glassdoor and CareerBuilder. Check on government websites such as  US Department of Labor updates.

Can I bring my family to the US?

Bringing your family to the US can be difficult

Each family member must apply individually through a family sponsor, and there is a long waiting list for that application. Financial stability is an essential requirement.

If you are in the United States on a B-1/2 visa, you can bring your family with you, but they are not allowed to work.

Workers should carefully understand visa requirements and seek advice from immigration experts.


To come up with a solution of decreasing labour in various sectors, the US government has started an initiative of visa sponsorship so that they can facilitate business and employment. Unskilled jobs in USA with visa sponsorship are not less than some rewarding experiences. This demand for unskilled labour has increased in sectors like agriculture and hospitality. These unskilled workers have to perform tasks which do not require previous experience such as cleaning, and for some programs training sessions are also conducted, take operating machines as an example.

Visa sponsorship programs allow foreigners to not only work but also live legally in the USA while contributing to labour. H-2A and H-3B visa programs are designed keeping in mind the need for unskilled workers. Unskilled jobs in USA with visa sponsorship have their advantages as well as disadvantages. Where these jobs offer employment stability with access to the American lifestyle, long hours and physically demanding tasks make the candidates reconsider them.

Understanding visa programs and being able to seek employment opportunities can help individuals embark on a way to success in United States.

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