Best 10 International Paid Internships in France 2024

Top 10 Paid Internships in France for Students in 2024

Looking to intern abroad and get paid for the experience? With its iconic sights, mouthwatering cuisine, and innovative companies, France is an alluring destination for students seeking global work experience. 

Interning in France allows you to immerse yourself in a vibrant new culture while developing your skills and expanding your professional network. France’s robust economy and influx of startups provide diverse opportunities to gain valuable international experience across business sectors. 

For students looking to International Paid Internships in France 2024, France offers prime access to paid placements that offset living costs in cities like Paris, Nice, and Lyon. This article will highlight the top 10 programs that provide stipends and salaries for international internships across various fields next year. 

International Paid Internships in France 2024

Benefits of Interning in France in 2024


Enhance your French Language Abilities


An internship in France provides full immersion to enhance your French fluency exponentially. Interacting daily with French colleagues and locals greatly accelerates language learning. You’ll pick up industry-specific terminology and gain confidence conversing in French. This linguistic growth is a major asset on your resume and for future employment.


Earn a Salary or Stipend 


Programs that offer paid internships provide a stipend or salary to help fund your time abroad. Though costs like housing and food add up in France, earning compensation allows you to balance your budget. A paid internship means you can immerse yourself in the culture and cuisine without constant financial stress.


Experience French Work Culture  


An International Paid Internships in France 2024 allows you to understand French business etiquette and norms firsthand. Discover the nuances of establishing professional relationships in France, interacting with colleagues, workplace communication styles, and work-life balance values. This insight is invaluable for navigating any future career interactions with French companies.


Gain an Edge with Recruiters


International work experience stands out. Recruiters and graduate programs will recognize the unique global perspective, language abilities, and cross-cultural competence you gain from an internship abroad. Time in France adds impressive credentials, demonstrating your adaptability, independence, and global mindset.

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International Paid Internships in France 2024


IE University Summer Internships


IE University’s Summer Internships program provides students the opportunity to intern with top French companies in the business and finance sectors. Based in the heart of Paris, these high-profile internships allow you to jumpstart your career in France’s dynamic capital city.


Program Overview:


  • Open to undergraduate or recent graduates of any nationality
  • Competitive placements at premier French corporations and multinational firms
  • Internship durations of 6-12 weeks during summer 2024
  • Positions in areas like management, marketing, finance, accounting, operations
  • Professional development workshops included during the program




  • Paid internship salaries to help offset living costs in Paris
  • Salary amounts range between €600-1000 per month, depending on the employer
  • Help to find discounted housing options through IE partners
  • Access to metro pass for transportation


Application Process:


  • Online application form detailing skills, experience, languages
  • Requires a cover letter outlining your interest
  • Students selected through interviews by employers
  • Positions open for application Dec 2023 through March 2024


With some of France’s most prestigious companies participating in the program, IE University’s summer internships are a pathway to launch your career and gain valuable experience in the economic heart of Europe.


The Intern Group Paris 


The Intern Group offers international students paid internships with companies based in Paris across sectors, including business, marketing, digital media, e-commerce, and more.


Program Highlights:


  • Open to students from any university worldwide
  • Year-round program with spring, summer, and fall internship sessions
  • 8-12 week internships available, along with longer-term placements
  • Positions located at startups, SMEs, and larger corporations
  • Professional development workshops and networking events




  • A monthly stipend provided to help fund living costs, paid in Euros
  • Stipend amount ranges from €400-800+ depending on the employer
  • Additional benefits like lunch vouchers may be offered by some companies


Application Process:


  • Submit an online application and indicate the industry of interest
  • Have a professional CV/resume, cover letter, and portfolio ready
  • Program fees apply depending on the internship duration
  • Rolling application deadlines beginning 6-8 months prior


With strong employer partnerships in Paris, The Intern Group places students in high-quality positions to advance their skills. This program lets you launch your career in one of Europe’s top business cities.


Science Po Internships 


Students interested in politics, public policy, and international affairs can intern with government bodies and NGOs through Science Po’s internship program.


Program Details:

  • Available to students enrolled at Sciences Po Paris or any partner universities
  • Semester and summer internships focused on social sciences and public policy
  • Placed with organizations like think tanks, advocacy groups, UN agencies
  • Located in the capital city of Paris
  • Open to international students with authorization to intern in France




  • Most internships are paid positions providing a monthly stipend
  • The stipend is intended to help cover daily costs like meals and transportation
  • The exact compensation set by each host organization
  • Students may be eligible for academic credit from their home institution


Application Process:


  • Submit an online application through the Sciences Po Career Center
  • Requires CV, cover letter, and academic advisor authorization
  • Rolling admissions, apply 3-6 months before the intended start date
  • Must secure own accommodation for the duration of the internship


For those interested in policy and social justice careers, Science Po’s Paris-based internships provide invaluable experience and connections.


EIFx Tech Internships 


EIFx offers paid technology internships located in Paris, France, with startups focused on educational technology and edtech.


Program Summary:


  • 12-week summer internships in 2024 at Parisian edtech startups
  • Open to undergraduate or graduate students interested in educational technology
  • Positions in areas like software engineering, product development, data science
  • Opportunities to work on impactful projects and gain startup experience




  • Competitive monthly stipend provided to participants
  • The exact stipend is determined based on the applicant’s experience and background
  • Help arrange affordable student housing in Paris
  • Ground transportation pass included


Application Process:


  • Submit an online application with a CV, transcripts, portfolio, etc.
  • Requires video interview and assessment of technical skills
  • Rolling admissions from October 2023 to March 2024
  • Must secure own visa; EIFx provides support and templates


For tech students seeking real startup experience abroad, EIFx’s paid edtech internships deliver hands-on learning and a global perspective.


International Experience France 


International Experience offers paid internship placements in top destinations across France, including Paris, Nice, and Bordeaux.


Program Summary:


  • Open to college students and recent graduates from all majors
  • Year-round program with 8-24 week internship durations
  • Positions in fields like marketing, finance, technology, hospitality
  • Opportunities with large companies and innovative startups
  • Program fees apply based on location and internship length




  • Monthly salary provided to participants during the internship
  • Salary intended to offset basic costs of housing, food, and transport
  • The exact salary is determined by the hiring employer and the applicant’s background


Application Process:


  • Submit online application with resume, cover letter, transcript, etc.
  • Video interview required to assess qualifications and fit
  • Rolling application deadlines approximately 4 months prior to the start date


With tailored placements across leading cities, International Experience enables students to launch their careers and experience French culture through professional development. So International Paid Internship in France 2024 give students to vast their career.


Global Experiences France


Global Experiences offers internship opportunities in France’s thriving tourism, hospitality, and culinary industries. These placements allow students to gain experience in their field while immersed in French culture.


Program Highlights:


  • 12-week internship placements during the summer of 2024
  • Positions in areas like hotel management, restaurant operations, event planning
  • Opportunities with leading French hospitality brands and culinary institutions
  • Locations in Paris, Nice, Cannes, and other destinations
  • Open to current university students or recent graduates




  • A monthly stipend was provided to participants during the internship
  • The stipend amount ranges between €500-800 on average
  • Affordable accommodation assistance in shared housing
  • Local transportation pass included


Application Process:


  • Online application with resume, cover letter, and academic documents
  • Video interview to evaluate qualifications and fit
  • Rolling application deadlines starting 8 months in advance
  • Must confirm own visa eligibility for France


For those looking to gain hospitality industry skills abroad, Global Experiences delivers professional growth through immersive internships in iconic French locales.


ProCareer Search Tech Startups 


ProCareer Search connects students with paid tech internships at exciting startups based in Paris and Lyon.


Program Overview:


  • 12-week summer internships offered in 2024
  • Positions with funded startups in fields like AI, cloud computing, mobile apps
  • Roles in software engineering, product development, data analytics
  • Located in the startup hubs of Paris and Lyon
  • Open to current undergrads or master’s students in computer science or related majors




  • Monthly salary provided, averaging €650-850 depending on startup
  • Help arranging student housing options close to the workplace
  • Ground transportation pass for metro or bus


Application Process:


  • Submit resume, transcripts, portfolio, and short essays
  • Video interview to evaluate technical skills and fit
  • Rolling admissions from October 2023 through March 2024
  • Must be eligible for a French student internship visa


For tech students looking to gain startup experience in France’s hottest tech hubs, ProCareer Search identifies meaningful skills-building opportunities.




CRCC Asia offers tailored internship placements in Paris across sectors, including business, marketing, technology, fashion, and engineering.


Program Highlights:


  • Year-round internships are open to students worldwide
  • Placements at major French companies, startups, and Global 500 firms
  • 8-24 week internships; longer-term also possible
  • Positions based in the economic capital of Paris
  • Program fees are based on details like industry and duration




  • Monthly salary or stipend paid for the duration of the internship
  • The pay rate is determined by the hiring company and the applicant’s background
  • Affordable accommodation assistance is provided
  • Local transportation pass included


Application Process:


  • Submit online application with CV, cover letter, transcripts, etc.
  • Video/phone interviews to evaluate skills and fit
  • Rolling admission with flexible start dates throughout the year
  • Must obtain own French student internship visa


With strong employer connections, CRCC Asia opens doors to professional experiences across sectors in the heart of Paris.


Global Crossroad Hospitality 


Global Crossroad places students in paid hospitality internships in renowned French tourism destinations, including Nice, Cannes, and Paris.


Program Summary:


  • 12-24 week internships offered during spring and summer 2024
  • Placement in hotels, restaurants, event venues, wine estates
  • Gain experience in hospitality management, customer service, F&B
  • Opportunities to work for luxury brands and famous institutions
  • Open to rising juniors and seniors in hospitality programs




  • A monthly stipend is provided to support basic living expenses
  • Stipend amounts average €500-800 depending on employer
  • Housing assistance to locate shared accommodations nearby
  • Local transportation pass


Application Process:


  • Online form detailing work experience and skills
  • Formal interview with program advisor via phone or video
  • Apply 6-12 months prior to the start date
  • Must meet eligibility for a France intern visa


For an immersive hospitality management experience, Global Crossroad delivers top placements in iconic French destinations.


Napoleon Marketing


Napoleon Marketing provides paid digital marketing and ecommerce internship opportunities located in the coastal city of Nice in southern France.


Program Highlights:


  • Open to students interested in digital marketing, social media, PR
  • Spring, summer, or fall internships with flexible start dates
  • Positions at digital agencies, startups, and ecommerce companies
  • 8-12 week placements; can extend up to 6 months
  • Work on real campaigns and projects for French brands


Compensation Details:


  • Monthly salary provided, averaging €650-850 depending on role
  • Salary intended to help fund accommodation, meals, transport
  • Shared housing assistance near the workplace


Application Process:


  • An online form detailing relevant coursework, skills, and experience
  • Submit resume, cover letter, writing sample, and video introduction
  • Rolling admissions – apply 3-6 months before the preferred start date


For a taste of the French Riviera while gaining digital marketing skills, Napoleon Marketing delivers practical learning experiences in stunning Nice.


Application Tips


Identify Programs that Align


When seeking a paid internship in France, it’s important to identify programs that offer placements aligned with your academic major and career interests. Consider your preferred city locations in France, such as Paris, Nice, Lyon, or Bordeaux, and find opportunities relevant to your industry experience and desired field. 

Make sure the compensation offered fits comfortably within your budget. Do your research to find the best programs for your goals and budget to make the most of your international internship experience.


Prepare Application Materials


You’ll need to prepare polished and professional application materials when applying for competitive International Paid Internship in France 2024. Have ready an updated resume tailored specifically to the internship role. 

Draft a strong cover letter that highlights your qualifications and motivations. Secure official academic transcripts from your university and recommendations from 2-3 references who can vouch for your abilities. 

If required, compile relevant samples of your work into a portfolio, such as writing samples, design work, or engineering project examples. Submitting complete, high-quality application documents is key.


Apply Well in Advance


Applying well in advance for International Paid Internship in France 2024 programs in France is crucial, ideally 6-8 months before your intended start date. Popular programs with stipends or salaries tend to fill quickly as students compete for the best placements. 

Applying early ensures you don’t miss out on your top choices. It also provides time for visa processing if you require a French student intern visa. Don’t wait until the last minute – start planning early and get your internship applications submitted! This will allow you to line up affordable accommodation in advance as well.




An International Paid Internship in France 2024 allows you to gain valuable practical skills while immersed in a new culture. For students looking to intern abroad in 2024, France presents a prime destination renowned for its rich history, gastronomy, and innovative companies. 

This article highlighted ten excellent programs that provide paid placements across business sectors in sought-after French cities like Paris, Nice, and Lyon. Whether your academic interests lie in hospitality, finance, technology, or digital marketing, you can find a program that matches your skills and career ambitions. 


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