Top 6 Fully funded Scholarships in UK

Fully Funded Scholarships in UK


The UK has always been renowned for its prestigious and education centred approach when it comes to discussing the country’s educational grounds. Fully funded scholarships in UK promise international students the future they dream of by providing them world class education. The UK is home to some of the world’s prestigious universities, but opportunities to get an education from these universities can be accessed by the noble class only, which limits the number of international students. There are fully funded scholarship opportunities in the UK that promise international students life-changing opportunities to get an education at these universities with no financial burden.

Fully funded Scholarships in UK

Why to consider Fully funded scholarships in UK?

The UK has one of the best education systems, where students are facilitated with research opportunities as well as the opportunity to collaborate with leading academics. The UK stands at the forefront when it comes to research and innovation. Fully funded scholarships in UK also offer career workshops and other mentorship courses, which play a significant role in the professional development of students.
Alongside this, some scholarships provide accommodation to students, such as the Commonwealth scholarship program.
International students do not have to work hard to overcome the language barrier, as courses for scholarships in the UK are offered in English.

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Best Scholarships:

The following are fully funded scholarships in the UK:

Chevening Scholarship Program:

The Chevening scholarship program is a life-changing opportunity for those students who want to pursue world-class education that can build such skills in them so that they can be valuable to society. Chevening programs offer a year-long master’s program. These scholarships are merit-based as well as need-based, and the applicants must be from Chevening countries (Canada, South Korea, India, Brazil, Pakistan, Australia, and China).

The Chevening Award now covers £18,500 in tuition along with additional allowances, which gives mental relaxation. Over 12,000 Chevening postgraduate programs are now offered to international students, which shows the diverse academic interests of this scholarship.

Who can apply?

To be eligible for this program, the applicant

  • Must be a citizen of a Chevening-eligible country.
  • Must have at least 2 years of experience.
  • Must be committed to contributing to society.
  • Must have applied to different Chevening postgraduate programs and be unconditionally eligible for one.

Commonwealth Scholarships:

Commonwealth scholarships are another prestigious and fully funded scholarships in UK. Commonwealth scholarships offers postgraduate education to talented students who are citizens of Commonwealth countries. This is considered to be the most competitive fully funded scholarship in UK. In this program, all academic expenses are covered. Students are given a monthly stipend of £1,340 to £1,650 (for students inside London). Even the airfare expenses to and from the UK are covered by this scholarship. Commonwealth gives 700 different scholarships and expects that the applicants for this scholarship must have a CGPA of at least 3.5 if they want to stay in competition.

Who can apply?

To apply for this scholarship, students

  • Would not be able to get postgraduate education in the UK without a scholarship.
  • Students must be citizens of a Commonwealth country.
  • Students must hold a graduate degree when applying for a master’s and a master’s degree while applying for a doctorate program.

University of Stirling Scholarships:

The University of Stirling, located in the heart of Scotland, is renowned for its academic excellence. The University of Stirling has one of the most student-centred environments, where the university itself provides visa support and cultural orientation programs that attract international students. The city of Stirling has relatively low residence costs when compared to other cities with international students. For different programs, different stipends are given to support the financial needs of the student, such as £8,000 for 4 years of undergrad programs or £7,000 for the first year of a Master’s degree.

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Who can apply?

These scholarships are available to citizens of India, Pakistan, the USA, Canada, Hong Kong, and China.

Gates Cambridge Scholarship:

Gates Cambridge is among fully funded scholarships in UK that aims to provide academic excellence to selected students. The overall winning percentage of this program is around 1.4%, which shows us how competitive this scholarship is. In this program, 80 different scholarships are offered to students with excellent academic backgrounds. This program is so prestigious that it even covers the visa costs of the students. Students get a monthly stipend of £2,500 to £3,700 per month.

Who can apply?

There is no nationality restriction for this program; anyone outside the UK can apply. Students should aim to pursue full-time on-campus courses.

Fully funded Scholarships in UK

GREAT Scholarships:

UK GREAT is a great opportunity for international students organised by the British Council to attract talented students from around the world to British universities so that these students can improve and work on their talent and contribute to society. GREAT scholarships are among prestigious fully funded scholarships in UK. GREAT scholarships cover £10,000 in tuition fees for the first year of the postgraduate program. There are 210 GREAT scholarships offered each year in the UK by 72 different universities. Purpose of this scholarship is to ease the financial burden of talented students so that they focus only on their education, and leave a positive impact on society.

Who can apply?

  • The applicant must be from Asia, far Asia, or a Greek citizen.
  • You must have a bachelor’s degree or an equivalent which should be acceptable in the UK.
  • Students have to apply online at the British Council platform, where they have to provide English language certification, academic transcripts, a personal statement, and a letter of reference from the university.

UEA Scholarships:

The University of East Anglia (UEA) offers undergraduate, country-specific scholarships. The university even offers a Global Development Master’s program (for one year). UEA welcomes students from around 100 countries, providing pre-arrival and visa assistance. Undergraduate programs even welcome self-funding students. Recipients get funding of £4,000 for their scholarships.

Who can apply?

Students must be self-funded and should meet the academic requirements of the program they want to study. Students should have strong English language skills.

How can I score a fully funded scholarship?

Students need to do the following to increase their chances for fully funded scholarships in the UK:

  • Build a solid academic record that should convince the reviewer of your application.
  • Some extracurricular activities, some skills, and demonstrating leadership skills can give you a competitive edge over others.
  • Students need to have leadership skills and be able to make bold decisions when required.
  • Students are advised to seek guidance from their seniors to know the minute details.

Student Visa:

Most well known student visa for fully funded scholarships in the UK is the Tier 4 visa. Students are eligible to be enrolled in postgraduate and graduate programs with this visa. International students can attend accredited British universities full time with this visa.

What does your university need to do?

Your university must be approved as a “Licensed Tier 4 sponsor” by the government of the UK so that they can issue you CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance at Studies), a document that is an important prerequisite to a student visa.


Following actions must be taken by applicants in order to be eligible for this visa;

  • Possess CAS from a university in UK that is registered.
  • Present your financial records, academic transcripts as well as your passport.
  • They have to provide proof of English language proficiency.

Students must apply online at the UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI) official website and pay the application fee (which is 348 GBP) after assembling the necessary paperwork.

Recent Developments in Tier 4 (General):

There are some recent developments made in Tier 4 student visa by UK government, which are;

  1. Tier 4 students can now live and work in the UK for 2 years after the completion of their degree.
  2. The paper application fee has been raised to £490 in February.

Application time:

The application processing time is 3 weeks. Applicants are advised to monitor the deadlines for these scholarships and apply for them three months before the deadline. This will give the reviewers enough time to decide on merit, as they will scrutinize your application.

Can I apply with a low GPA?

The answer is yes. You need to have other good points that can increase your chances of securing a good scholarship, such as

Good GMAT scores or IELTS bands increase your chances. Any work experience in the discipline you are applying to.

Make them realize that you have good knowledge of the subject you are applying for.

A letter of motivation as well as a good CV can increase your chances of selection.

  1. Buckinghamshire New University
  2. University of Winchester
  3. London Metropolitan University

These are some universities that accept students even with low GPAs.

Can I apply for multiple fully funded scholarships in UK?

The answer is yes again. Applying for more than one scholarship can increase your chances of securing a scholarships that best suits your interests. It js recommended because different scholarships have same requirements for applying such as transcripts and recommendation, and preparing these materials once allows one to easily adapt them and this saves your time and efforts.


Always keep a track of the deadlines for these scholarships and it is recommended to prioritise your scholarships and then apply them. Remember to highlight your achievements and strengths while applying. Do not follow the same generic pattern for applying for every scholarship. Reach out advisors and scholarship counsellors (if possible) as they will give you a feedback for your application.

Benefits of Fully Funded scholarships in UK:

Following are some advantages students have on having a fully funded scholarships in UK.

  • Fully funded scholarships give students financial independence, and students get rid of their university fees, student loans, and other grants.
  • Students get valuable experience, such as research opportunities, which can benefit them in the long run, increasing students’ competitiveness in the job market.
  • Students get assistance with career guidance. Internship opportunities are provided on campus.
  • Some of these programs also provide research grants, airfare expenses, and professional development opportunities, which might not be seen in other scholarships.


There are some challenges to fully funded scholarships in the UK, such as

  • As the UK offers some prestigious scholarship programs to international students, the number of applications may sometimes exceed the total requirement. As a result of this, the selection process for these scholarships gets more competitive.
  • Some scholarships, such as the Gates Cambridge Scholarship, require maintaining excellent academic performance, which can be a serious challenge for some students.
  • Some programs, taking the Commonwealth Scholarship as an example, require a financial need analysis alongside academic requirements. Most students cannot provide it.
  • The application procedure for these scholarships is highly complex, involving stages for approval. Some students may not be able to meet all the requirements by the deadline because of these requirements.

How can we overcome these challenges?

However, we can overcome these challenges.

We have to apply to different programs and start planning months before the deadline. This will give us enough time to plan properly and never rely on one or two programs.

Students have to develop strong time management techniques and prioritize important tasks. Students can utilize university resources.

Students should organize all the necessary documents and monitor deadlines effectively. Students can also seek guidance from application support.

Students should have financial hardship evidence with them and go for other programs that have alternatives for financial needs, such as student loans.


Fully funded scholarships in the UK are not less than a rewarding experience as international students get access to world-class education and broaden their horizons in academics and personality. With dedication and effort, one can significantly increase their chances of securing these scholarships. Advantages for fully funded scholarships in UK outnumber its disadvantages and students are recommended to take both into account. Keeping yourself updated with any recent developments in these programs, networking with recipients, and having a positive and clear mindset ultimately increase your chances.

By covering all the expenses, the UK demonstrates its commitment to the development of academics. By securing fully funded scholarships in the UK, students are becoming integral contributors to British society.

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