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Free Scholarship to Study in China:


Firstly, in the field of education everyone want to get better platform to achieve higher goals. Students want to get higher study but some of them cannot afford all the expenses from hostels to universities. Therefore we introduce the ways to overcome hurdles of study. Scholarship for those students who want to study in abroad countries.

Secondly, in order to promote the free scholarship to study in China between foreign countries and cooperation in education government of china has set up scholarship program. These scholarship to sponsor international teachers and students to research in Chinese universities in their related field of education. The government of China peruses the students from all over the world to continue their studies in any level of degree along with research. China provide excellent platform for students to meet their expenses and also living expenses.

Theme of the Article:

In this article we thoroughly explain the scholarship. All the types of scholarship which is governmental, non governmental and independently university base scholarship, Enterprise scholarship are available for students. The top ranked universities of the world as well as china provide the good scholarships program for higher study. The education ministry of china explore all comfort for foreign students. Residential expenditure, cost of fees, medical insurance, monthly or yearly based living expenses, universities, basic books etc.

Why study in china for scholarship:

It is important to know that in global world and specially in Asia China has their own identity in education, Every year thousands of foreign countries students achieve their degrees. Learning and living environment of china is excellent. Students can do jobs along with their study. The success ratio for education in china is high therefore students keep their priorities first for china.

free scholarship to study in China

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Types of Chinese Government Scholarships:

There are different types of scholarships in china in different parts of the country. The country is very rich in its culture and provide some excellent opportunities to students as well. Therefore if you are persuading a scholarship or want to attain a free scholarship to study in China you must go through the scholarships that are given below. Some of the very well known scholarships that are offered by Chinese government are as under:

China Scholarship council(CSC):

CSC Scholarship is available for all international students who want to study in Chinese universities. This can be done just by filling online form and selecting any one of the 274 ranking of CSC universities.

Jiangsu Government Scholarship:

This is provincial government scholarship set up by Jiangsu Provincial Government Scholarship. The Scholarship will give you the cost of tuition fee ,lab experiment, accommodation, residential expenditure and basic textbooks.

Beijing Government Scholarship:

The Beijing university is under municipal administrative system. which is capital of China. This scholarship is for undergraduate and master’s students. University will give either full or partial fees. Like other universities of china Beijing capital university also funds international students through its Beijing Government Scholarship program.

Beijing university cover fully funded tuition fees open for undergraduate and  graduate students. Scholarship is one year for Bachelors and Masters and three years for Ph.D. students. According to the rules and regulation of BGU students can get a single scholarship. If any student is scholarship hold then he cannot get this scholarship. Students also have to apply for renewal of free scholarship to study in China every year in the month of April. Like other universities BGU also provide tuition fee, accommodation, residential expenditure and medical insurance.

Hubei Provincial Government Scholarship:

Students who want to a bachelor’s,Phd,or master’s program in specific subject in Hubei university can get better opportunity.

Shanghai Government Scholarship:

like BGS the Shanghai government also offers fully scholarship in the government china to international students who want to study in the famous of Shanghai. There is wide range of institutions for the students to select any one of them.

This scholarship is comprises into to forms.

Form A: This form A is recommended for undergraduate and graduate students since it covers all the tuition also fulfill living and accommodation expenses ant the cost of medical insurance.

Form B: The form B scholarship covers the partial tuition is open for both undergraduate and graduate applicants.

To apply for this scholarship students must meet the following age requirements. University Do not allow for the students who are more than 25 years of age and for undergraduate applicants and no more than 35 years of age for Master’s students, and no more than 40 years of age for Ph.D. candidates.

Fujian Government Scholarship:

A southeastern Chinese state the Fujian also offers fully funded scholarships to foreign students who want to study in Fujian’s institutions.

The Fujian Government Scholarship is comprises into various types which are the following.

  • Government Special Scholarship Program –
  • Study in Fujian Program
  • Trainees Program
  • Fujian University recruitment programs

To apply for above mention scholarship programs, students need to submit a completed application form, a photocopy of the highest diploma, a research plan, and a portfolio of artworks (only for arts students). There is also age restriction for the students according to the universities.

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Silk Road Muduo Scholarship:

Silk Road Muduo Scholarship program is open to students from the One Belt and One Road(OBOR)countries. Free scholarship to study in China covers full tuition fees accommodation allowances for living stipends, and medical insurance. University conduct entry test exam to create eligibility criteria for students. Applicant who pass the entry test or other exam is eligible for this free scholarship to study in China.

Master’s and Ph.D. students on the other hand are chosen according to their performance in their previous degrees. Their capacity for research and innovation are also considered as well for eligible student. Silk Road Muduo scholarship are subject to evaluations every year in the month of May.

Jiangsu Jasmine Scholarship:

Jiangsu Jasmine Scholarship is another famous Chinese scholarship for international students to take part in better future for education. It is a part of the Jiangsu Education Talent Introduction Plan which the Jiangsu Provincial Government initiated in July 2015. The primary purpose of this scholarship is to attract students all over the world. Jiangsu jasmine provide them with valuable opportunities to pursue higher education.

Jiangsu Jasmine Scholarship covers tuition fees, accommodation, living expenses, medical insurance, and local transportation fare. It also provides economically for international students studying at public universities and colleges in Jiangsu Province Government Scholarship.

You will have to register an individual account at the “Study in Jiangsu” website and complete the application form to get Scholarship program. Only eligible students can get this scholarship. Do not forget about to upload all the relevant e-copies of your documents.

free scholarship to study in China

Guanxi Government Scholarship:

Guanxi Government is established in 2010 by people republic of autonomous region. This scholarship is only nominated for ASEAN countries students. This scholarship has funding for these countries students to do bachelor’s, master’s or Ph.D. degree. This Scholarship award from basic to university level ease i.e. tuition fees relaxation, accommodations, medical insurance, residential expenses for a month.

Dalian Government Scholarship:

The Dalian Government Scholarship is an internationally awarded for funding programs all over the word for students. This university has aim to promote global education program, enhance the mutual understanding between the People Republic of China and the foreign countries. Also want improve their ranking among the universities of china. Students of undergraduate or master’s degree can apply for Dalian University or colleges. Free scholarship to study in China are offered by this scholarship and can be very helpful in regard of it.

MOFCOM Scholarship:

MOFCOM Scholarship is an award program funded by the Ministry of Education of China. It aims to provide international students with excellent opportunities for studying at universities in China. This China scholarship also facilitates their further study or employment in China and elsewhere.
The MOFCOM Scholarship is open to international students who have applied to study at a Chinese university’s full-time undergraduate or postgraduate program. Applicants must be under 35 years old and possess outstanding academic performance, leadership qualities, and good character.
Applicants must also meet the following requirements: must be a non-citizen of Mainland China, have been admitted by an eligible university or institution in China, or be currently studying in such program, and have not resided in Mainland China for more than six months in total during the past two years.

NANKAI University Scholarship:

The Nankai University is a national university under the control of Ministry of Education in People Republic of China. Hence under control of Education Ministry students attract toward this university. It was established in 1919 and had a remarkable history of over 100 years struggling for global students. It also ranked in top 100 universities of china.
This Scholarship is an award program for foreign students who want to continue their study in Nankai University. the students who can prove their high performance in academic and outstanding talents then The university also offers financial support for them.
It provides full scholarships to the cherry picking students due to their good performance and covers tuition fees ,accommodation, food expenses, medical insurance and residential expenditure as well.

British-China Scholarship:

UK council china scholarship is only for British students. Students who want to study in Chinese universities. This Scholarship also give seven types of scholarship. Scholarship will help in tuition fees, medical insurance and living allowance.

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Schwarzman Scholarship Program:

Students who wants to master’s in Global Affairs can get admission in Tsinghua University in Beijing capital. This is English base program. According to Global Affairs content there is public policy, economic, business and international studies. The compensation of university are tuition fees, accommodations, travelling fairs throughout the academic year, related course books, medical insurance and thousands of dollars for personals affairs. Free scholarship to study in China has limitations as he candidate has age between 18 to 28 years old. Have strong grip on English language its mean IELTS is necessary for this scholarship. Student must have undergraduate degree from accredited or equivalent.

Biomedical Science Scholarship:

Student looking for study in Biomedical field have great future in bachelor’s in University of Edinburgh (ZJE)-Zhejiang University. This is for all international students. This scholarship will cover either fully or partially tuition fees, accommodations, medical insurance. Students will also get pocket money every year. Free scholarship to study in China is very helpful to attain in this scholarship.

Zhengzhou University Presidential Scholarship:

This scholarship is for international students who want to do full time master’s or Ph.D. degree at Zhengzhou University. Free scholarship to study in China includes full or half of fees. This is an annual china Scholarship for PhD students only who want to apply for the doctoral program at Zhengzhou University. The university award students with vast academic performance, valuable moral character, and good extracurricular activities.

Zhengzhou University is also included in the top 10 universities of china that’s foreign countries students attract all over the world. There is one thing to know the university conduct entrance test for students. The student who passed the exam are eligible for the university. Low scores in the previous degree may also effect the eligibility criteria. Therefore university launched this program to encourage brilliant students in their related field of study. After this process students get full funding for four years in doctoral study

USTC Scholarship:

The university of Science and Technology of China(USTC) is top university to recruit outstanding foreign students to study in china.

NPU Presidential Scholarship:

Northwestern Polytechnic University (NPU) President Scholarship is fully funded for tuition. The students who show good qualities in leadership and Commitment to manage their community. All undergraduate students are eligible for this reward given from University then they can apply for better experience. University give all basic needs for students however for living residential letter is required like all other universities foreign students get academic expenses , medical insurance, accommodations and funded full fees.


To sum up the article I would like to state that attaining a scholarship in China can be very wonderful decision towards your life. If you want to get success in your life just try to attain a scholarship in China. After attaining a free scholarship to study in China you can also do work as China provides various job opportunities for people. China is also very well known for its businesses all across the world therefore one can also try to flourish himself in terms of business as well. China is a great and vulnerable option for studying as it is very very important for personal growth of a person.

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