9 Best Hotel jobs in UAE

Hotel jobs in the UAE | Complete Guide


The hotel sector in the UAE has emerged as a rising sector. The UAE, once known for its oil wealth, is now becoming a tourism destination. New hotels are opening every day, and they require faculty to facilitate their guests, creating a loop for jobs. Hotel jobs in the UAE are diverse, offer many roles, and have excellent opportunities for career development.

Hotel jobs in UAE

Why should one choose hotel jobs in UAE?

The UAE offers a hotel sector renown for its high standards, which we can’t see in other Gulf countries. Choosing hotel jobs in UAE translates into being a part of an industry that is boosted by a constant demand for employees who can provide excellent service. Hotel jobs in the UAE offer a higher compensation package than in other Gulf countries and offer opportunities for career advancement as well.

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Why UAE?

The UAE has been renowned as a tourist destination over the last few years. The hotel sector is thriving for qualified staff that can add value to their business. Hotel jobs in UAE can help you achieve your financial goals faster because of their high compensation and tax-free income. You do not have to pay any taxes on your salary.
The UAE is considered the safest destination for jobs because it always prioritizes the security and safety of workers and is ranked among the top in the world for providing security. Above all, the English language is widely used in the hospitality sector.


Following are some hotel sector jobs in the UAE that are in demand:

Front Desk Receptionist:

Front Desk Receptionists create an environment that contributes to engaging guests. These receptionists play many roles, starting from check-ins to helping guests with the selection of rooms and fulfilling their special requests (if any). We can say they are the ambassadors of the hotel who are concerned with creating a positive image of the hotel. They have to engage with customers to provide them with a pleasant experience.

Front desk Manager

Receptionists are expected to have fluency in English and Arabic to ensure effective communication. They must embrace modern technology, such as digital key systems.


Concierges have to ensure a smooth transition for guests in a hotel by assisting them with check-ins. Concierges are expected to have a good knowledge of the area where their hotel is located. With this, they can help guests with recommendations for entertainment and dining, winning their trust. They must provide security and discretion during the stay of guests. Concierges are considered good if they master guest experiences, like becoming problem solvers for the guest. This includes giving suggestions on places to visit, managing their luggage, and handling customer complaints.

Being a concierge in the UAE is more than a job; you get opportunities for personal growth along with developing meaningful connections. As a concierge, you must be well acquainted with the local and cultural knowledge of the place where you are working in the UAE.

Executive Chef:

Executive chefs are also the ambassadors of Emirates culture. The key role of the executive chef is kitchen management, but in tourist destinations like the UAE, it goes beyond this, like an architect of hotel impressions who has to work on choices that should bring more customers. An executive chef has to lead a culinary brigade by playing roles in team management, mentorship, and maintaining a good environment in the kitchen. Some hotels give these chefs a hold on controlling the cost of food.

Executive chefs are expected to work on guest satisfaction and should be creative. They should think of different plans, organize events, and collaborate with other departments by adding their kitchen expertise to hotel events.

Event Coordinator:

As hotel jobs in UAE are on the rise, there is also a rise in the demand for event coordinators. Around 240 new event coordinator jobs are offered every month, and there is high competition for these jobs as well. The main task of any event coordinator is to organize events in a unique way that should add some value to the reputation of the hotel. They have to develop strategies so they can turn the dreams of every customer into a reality.

Every hotel sees events as an opportunity for marketing and raising awareness about their business, so these coordinators need to develop plans for events so that they can narrate the message of the hotel. These coordinators have to stay in touch with different vendors, such as event organising companies, decorators, and cleaners, to ensure that no effort is left for organising the event.

Event coordinator jobs in UAE

Event coordinators are expected to have good communication skills alongside organizational perfection, such as multitasking and time management, and should have a problem-solving attitude. Event coordinators are expected to be creative as well.

Spa Therapist:

Spa therapists’ jobs in the hotel sector are always in demand. Spa therapists understand the preferences of customers, the outcomes that they are expecting, and their health considerations, and based on all of these, they give customers traditional massages or therapies. Spa therapists should know the variety of treatments, have patience in attending consultations, and keep themselves updated with recent spa treatments.

They must have excellent knowledge of the product they are using because they may often have to engage in retail sales, so for the sake of customer satisfaction with the product, its knowledge is mandatory.

Unskilled jobs:

While many hotel jobs in UAE require skilled workers, there is always an opportunity for unskilled workers as well. Towelling is an unskilled hotel job.

Laundry Attendant:

Laundry attendant is an in-demand skill in the hotel sector of the UAE that does not require much skill or experience. Some hotels in the UAE offer on-site training, but these are present inside the hotel. The roles of laundry attendants range from laundry to keeping themselves up-to-date, such as knowing the basics of computers. Hotels prefer those who have physical stamina and are ready to do physical tasks when required. These attendants are expected to focus on minute details as well and should follow instructions.

These attendants should have basic sewing skills so that they can stitch something when the need arises, and if they have good communication skills, they have a competitive edge.


Dishwashing jobs are known to be an entry point for unskilled workers in the hotel sector. The key role of any dishwasher is cleaning dishes. Technology has expanded the duties of dishwashers to include cleaning, loading, and unloading dishwashing machines. Though dishwasher jobs do not require experience, having a basic understanding of kitchen items and culinary hygiene is mandatory because the hotel sector in the UAE values the importance of the health of its customers.

Dishwasher jobs in hotels UAE

Food Runner:

Food and beverage runners are the unappreciated heroes who play a vital role in hotel dining. They have to satisfy the guests with no delay in the food delivery to the table from the kitchen. As the tourism industry in the UAE has grown, so has the demand for these runners. They have to deliver food, maintain the cleanliness of dining, assist in setting the table, and clear the table once it is free.

The role of food runners has extended to waste management, as some hotels in the UAE have room for the greener initiative of decomposing plastic and have eliminated the one-time use of plastics.

Food and beverage Runners are expected to have management skills in both time and work management. This is a physically demanding task that requires constantly moving, so the candidate applying for this job must be physically fit. Moreover, there is the pressure of working in a fast-paced environment, so the runner must have the ability to multitask and think quickly.


Housekeepers play a role in gaining customer satisfaction by maintaining good standards of cleanliness. They have to focus on routine cleaning and checking if there is a need for something in the room, contributing to the overall guest experience. They have to pay attention to even minute details of the room and ensure that the cleanliness of the room meets the standards of the hotel.

To meet all these requirements, time management skills are mandatory for every housekeeper. A housekeeping job is a chance to step into the hospitality industry, and it offers many chances for career advancement.

Salary Expectations:

On average, the monthly salary for hotel jobs in UAE is around AED 6,000 or AED 65,000 per year. These salaries now range from AED 2,000 for entry-level jobs, such as housekeeping, to AED 35,000 for senior jobs like general manager. (according to payscale.com).
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Factors affecting salary expectations:

To understand the pay scale of hotel jobs in UAE, several factors need to be considered, such as job title, hotel ratings, and industry-specific qualifications. Experience is another factor that comes into play. The more experienced you are, the higher your pay will be.

The job title depicts our salary as well. Description and nature of the job, like entry-level jobs with lower pay as compared to experienced and skill-requiring jobs.

Qualifications and hotel ratings also depict salaries. Five-star hotels offer high salaries as compared to independent hotels. Having industry-specific degrees, like in the hospitality sector, can help a great deal.

Visa Requirements:

Depending on your nationality and the role in the hotel sector you are applying for, requirements may change. For instance, entry-level jobs have to be dependent on a sponsor, while senior jobs like those of a manager require a professional work visa. Sponsored jobs need renewal after a couple of years, and a professional work visa is valid for a greeter period (up to 5 years).

Each hotel has its own specific requirements for jobs. Some hotels may consider those unskilled workers who can communicate in English, and other hotels may not have this requirement. 


There are some drawbacks to hotel jobs in UAE as well.

Hotel jobs in UAE demand long hours of work where workers can be stressed out. Working at weekends and overtime is common. Workers in the hotel sector have to work hard to meet every expectation of the customer and the reputation of the hotel. Hotel jobs in UAE require workers to be attentive and have a positive attitude, even in stressful conditions.

Hotel jobs are demanding, which leaves very little personal room for workers. Workers here can barely find a moment of relief.

Careers that do not require experience do not come with job security. Housekeepers and laundry workers are hired on a contract basis for shorter terms, and foreigners are dependent on visa sponsorship for these jobs.

Hotel jobs are unfortunately linked to tourism, which is greatly affected by any change in foreign policy. Any time a policy can result in the loss of jobs,


Hotel jobs in the UAE are no less rewarding careers. Everyone has a different perspective regarding hotel jobs. For some, it is a job that helps them see the world from a different perspective. They enjoy hospitality, welcoming everyone, interacting with people from different cultures, and assisting them with their problems.

Others find it a deadening career that gives them very little time for themselves. They have to engage in long-term shifts, busy developing strategies to improve the customer experience. They have to please customers at all costs and guide them through their choices, and for that, they have to work overnight and have busy weekends.

All in all, the hotel jobs in UAE come with their pros and cons, so it is better to do a bit of research before landing any hospitality career in the UAE.




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