6 Best Scholarships in Norway

Scholarships in Norway | Complete Guide


Norway is a popular destination for education. Scholarships in Norway are an easy way to study, as education there is very expensive. Norway is considered to be the doorway to class education as the nation supports talented international students. Norway is well known for its commitment to the development of technology and academic excellence. Scholarships in Norway are of three types: government scholarships, university scholarships, and private scholarships. Norway offers scholarships in every discipline with up-to-date academic programs, so students with a dream of gaining academic excellence can turn their dreams into reality in Norway.

Scholarships in Norway

Why Norway?

Norway, a country that has always been committed to the development of education and providing understudies with world-class education, offers a unique opportunity of free research to bright students, which makes it an ideal destination for progression in research and development. There are other reasons as well, such as the fact that it’s universities that are consistently ranking higher and meeting international standards. Norway is a country that promises education at a very low or free price, which is not visible in other European countries. Programs in Norwegian universities are offered in Norwegian as well, and English is also introduced to make things easier for international students.

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Best Scholarships:

Following are some of the best scholarships in Norway.

Oslo Metropolitan University Scholarships:

When it comes to pursuing class education in Norway, one name has always been in discussion, which is Oslo Metropolitan (OsloMet) University, which is a popular choice among international students. Students with academic excellence are rewarded with the OsloMet scholarships. This program covers a range of undergraduate and graduate programs, which include engineering, sciences, and business.

These scholarships are of further types, such as merit-based scholarships, financial need scholarships, and country-specific scholarships.


Different documents may be required depending on the program you are applying for. Depending on your discipline of interest or the one you want to get enrolled in, you may have to submit copies of passport, CV, and portfolio of your previous study

Students have to submit the form of application online, along with all academic transcripts. Keep in mind that your qualifications may not be recognized as the same in Norway. Students must have at least a C in their bachelor’s degree, which is to be converted according to Norwegian system, if they are applying for a master’s program. Along with that, they have to submit proof of their English language proficiency.

BI President’s Scholarship:

The BI President Scholarship is a prestigious scholarship awarded to international students with exceptional academic records. These scholars get a chance to study at the BI Norwegian Business School. This scholarship is awarded taking into account the overall academic record of the student, their statements, and their performance in interviews. This scholarship covers approximately 75% of the total expenses, and students get a stipend to support their stay in Norway. The deadline for the BI presidential scholarship is generally in March. It has two programs at the bachelor’s level: the BI International Baccalaureate Scholarship program, which covers all the tuition costs of winners, and the Bachelor International Scholarship, which covers half of the tuition expenses.


Students have to submit a transcript of education as well as personal statements and letters of recommendation. The application form is available online. Students must submit a personal statement which should highlight their academic achievements.

Remember that the submitted documents must be approved by authorities (such as HEC or your university depending upon the country you are applying from)

For more country-specific details, visit (https://www.oslomet.no/en/study/admission/required-documents-international-masters)

NHH School of Economics Scholarships:

Standing as a beacon of academic prowess, the NHH School of Economics has a history of providing academic excellence in economics as well as business studies. Scholarships at NHH are offered at different levels, such as graduate, postgraduate and Ph.D. This scholarship aims to gather deserving students from around the globe and provide them with opportunities for advancement such as research opportunities. NHH is well known around the globe for its student-centered approach as well as internationalisation .

NHH school of Economics


Depending upon the program you are applying for, documents may vary. For instance, for a master’s program, you would need a bachelor’s degree (you may have to study for an extra 3-4 years to get the equivalent of a Norwegian bachelor’s degree). Above that you will have to pass the GMAT along with proof of proficiency in the English language.

Also, visit (https://www.nhh.no/en/study-programmes/application-and-admission/admission-msc-in-economics-and-business-administration/)

NTNU Scholarships:

NTNU focuses on the development of a variety of programs that include the humanities, social sciences, medicine, and technology. The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) is considered to be one of the most prestigious universities, awarding scholarships based on academic merit as well as research potential and financial need. These scholarships are awarded for master’s and PhD programs.

NTNU is among those few universities that do not charge any fees from international students. This scholarship covers living expenses, the cost of tuition, and the cost of travel.

How do I apply?

Students have to find the course they want to enrol in. Students must check the course description and check their eligibility. Then students need to apply online at the NTNU portal and submit their documents. These documents include academic transcripts, a short CV, and proof of English. Transcripts need to be submitted with their translation.

Alongside all this, students have to submit a learning agreement, which should be filled out properly. Remember, this learning agreement is to be submitted once you get confirmation of admission at NTNU.

It is considered difficult to get admission at NTNU as the acceptance rate falls to 39%.

AHO Scholarships:

The Oslo School for Architecture and Design (AHO) offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs for international students. To ease the financial burden on international students, AHO is providing scholarships to extraordinary students. This scholarship has many types. The most prestigious program in this scholarship is the AHO Excellence scholarship program, which is very competitive and is awarded to only the top 10–15% of international students. Other programs include the AHO Research Scholarship, the AHO Exchange Scholarship, and the AHO Talent Scholarship.

How to apply?

The application procedure is simple. Students have to gather the required documents, which include a personal statement, letters of recommendation from their last institute, academic transcripts, and a portfolio of their previous work. It should be kept in mind to determine eligibility for the program you want to enrol in. The application form is available online. If students still have any doubts, they can contact the AHO admission office.

NORAM Scholarships:

NORAM is a prestigious scholarship in Norway offered to American students. This scholarship aims to provide financial assistance to American students who want to study and pursue their careers in Norway. NORAM offers 10 scholarships every year and also gives scholarship amounts of $1,500 to $2,000. The duration of this program is one year, and students get admission to master’s as well as doctorate programs. The maximum award students get is $20,000. These scholarships are given on a merit basis based on the needs of the student.

How do I apply?

The application deadline is in March, and students are advised to submit their applications before that. Students have to write a strong motivation letter and must have two letters of recommendation from their last institute. Applications are available online, and students are advised to submit their applications once they are properly filled out. 

What is the deadline for scholarships in Norway?

For Norwegian citizens, admission for fall opens on February 1st and closes on April 15th. Applications for the spring session are accepted between October 1st and November 1st.

All the other nationality holders are advised to submit their applications before March 1st.

How to increase your chances of securing a scholarship?

To increase your chances of getting a scholarship, you must do the following:

Browse the internet and find which universities offer programs according to your interests. Check the availability of programs at top universities, you want to stet enrolled  in. Make sure you meet the eligibility requirements and check the deadlines so that you can remember the dates to apply.

Write a concise and accurate statement of purpose (SOP). This statement will make it clear to the selection committee why they should choose you when they have other options. This SOP is an important step in your application process.

Make sure you complete your application and attach all the documents that are required. Incomplete applications are not reviewed by the selection committee.

You need to apply well before the deadline for submission, as this will give the selection committee enough time to review your application.

Student Visa:

All non-EU citizens need a student visa to study in Norway for more than 3 months. To apply for a student visa, students have to submit

  • Copies of used pages of your passport
  • Two passport-sized photographs
  • Admission letter offered by a Norwegian university
  • Proof of residence in Norway
  • A complete student visa application form.

However, depending on your country, you may be asked for additional documents.

How do I apply for a Norwegian student visa?

Students need to start the application process online by submitting an online application, and all the required documents need to be submitted to the Norwegian embassy. Apply to the website of the Directorate of Immigration (UDI). Students have to pay the application fee online. The embassy will forward your documents to UDI, and you will be notified about the decision.


If you require a visa to enter Norway, UDI will simply issue you an entrance visa, with the help of which you can enter Norway.

Can I work while studying in Norway?

Yes, international students are allowed to work while studying in Norway. EU citizens are allowed to work full-time without any working restrictions, and they just have to register with the police. However, there is a restriction on work where non-EU citizens can work for only 20 hours per semester.


Some challenges for scholarships in Norway are as follows:

  1. Norway has a specific quota for international students, and the number of students applying is very high. This creates competition for students, and it gets difficult to secure a scholarship.
  2. Most of the scholarships in Norway require students to meet strict eligibility criteria, including academic and language proficiency and certain financial requirements.
  3. Though most Norwegians are well acquainted with the English language, yet they prefer to use Norwegian. Most of the programs offered in universities are taught in Norwegian language. This limitation can restrict the number of students who prefer to attend English courses.
  4. Only a limited number of scholarships in Norway are fully funded, covering every expense. Scholarships in Norway cover only tuition costs. Only specific programs cover other expenses, such as living and transportation expenses. 

How do you deal with these challenges?

However, these challenges can be avoided.

  1. Try to showcase your specialities, like your achievements and future aspirations and goals, in your application form, which should help the selection committee distinguish you from other candidates. These will give you a competitive edge and you will stand out from other applicants.
  2. Students should browse the eligibility criteria of different courses and universities to find the best scholarships for themselves.
  3. Candidates should explore language requirements when applying for scholarships. Students should work on their language skills, and it is preferred to take some language courses.
  4. Students are advised to explore different programs and consider financial sources as additional support.


Norway promises a world-class education focusing on the recent advancements in every discipline it offers. Scholarships in Norway are no less than a rewarding experience, as the students get a chance to study under the guidance of top-notch faculty.

With thorough research, dedication, and proper planning, students can not only find a scholarship but also make their dreams of studying in Norway come true. This scholarship is more of an investment for the future than some financial aid. Scholarships in Norway comes with its own pros and cons, so students are advised to take all into account.

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